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Our Web Site Hosting company offers business class web space, as well as connectivity solutions to personal and business accounts of all sizes! 

Internet Host is fast becoming one of the premier web hosting companies on the World Wide Web today offering a complete group of services that is capable of fulfilling any individual or company needs!

Services offered:

Virtual Web Hosting

  • Virtual domain hosting for

  • Virtual servers for larger company sites and multiple company sites

  • Co-located web servers for large corporate web and mail servers

  • Database and Application hosting services

Regular Domain Hosting Packages
Starting as low as $10.00 a month

Special ECommerce Hosting that includes:

  • Free Domain name registration (no Internic charges)

  • Free Secure server access

  • Free E-Commerce software

  • Free Browser interface to administer your sites online database and shopping cart functions.

E-commerce Special Pricing
Starting as low as $ 50.00 a month

Domain Parking and Name Registration services

  • Domain name registration for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and .us extensions

  • Domain Registration under Foreign Extensions

  • Domain parking with Announcement page and email forwarding.

Domain Parking - Email forwarding
- Custom Announcement Page $20.00 per year

Internet Connectivity

  • Shared T-1 to full T-3 server connectivity
  • Connectivity consultation and support for large corporate sites


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