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Our Help Desk is designed to assist you in many of the things that the internet has to offer! We hope that you find it a valuable resource for learning the web but also an aid to help you in planning and managing your web site!   We have included links to both learning aids and some of the software that you may need in developing your web site! 

  • Glossary.... in our glossary you will find some of the most commonly used terms used on the internet today along with there definition to help you understand what they mean or do!

  • Internet Basics.....This is a much broader source for the basics of the Internet more on the how and the why of the Internet as well as some links to a wide array of resources getting into the nuts and bolts behind the internet!

  • Getting listed on search engines is no easy task these days!  This is a basic guide for those that want to take a stab at one of the most difficult task in web site design and maintenance!  This guide is by no means complete but will help you get started!

  • Useful software is a necessary item to be able to read news groups answer e-mail unzip files or view documents and images!  Here we have assembled a list of most useful links to the software programs you might require or need while surfing the web or constructing a site!

  • Technical Support is a vital issue to our clients and prospective clients so we try to be as helpful as possible in this area!   We offer our clients the ability to contact us via telephone and through the use of a web interface!  For our prospective clients we allow them to also use the web interface or call us as well!

  • Ftp Access Support is available on this page. We have detailed explanations of using ftp access using the most common software packages for PC and Macintosh systems including links to the sites to allow for you to download the needed software for free.

  • NTLM authentication failed Error If you are getting this error is is probably because of some computer setting you have currently... if you check this fact first then you migt be able to solve it... if you still have problems give us a call and we will help you work it out.

  • Pre installed scripts and software!  We run a Windows NT Server setup which allows us to give our customers the ability to run their own scripts (without compromising security) or use many that we have installed on the system!  Here you will see what we have existing for your use, what we allow you to have, what we can add for you and what we do not allow!

  • Server Side Includes are not only allowed but also easy on an NT server... to make your site able to run scripts that are termed as server side includes you only need to rename the html page extension that will receive the include to shtml and then set up your script with the proper paths.

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