NTLM authentication failed Error

If you receive the error:
NTLM authentication failed (code-2146893042)

please follow the instructions below

1. Double click on my computer --> Control Panel --> Network

2. If Microsoft Network Client is not installed, click on Add --> Clients and add the Microsoft Network Client, and then OK all of the way out. (You will most likely need to have your Windows 95 CD/Disks handy).

3. Go into your Dial-up Networking folder (My computer --> dial-up networking), and right click on the Internet connection you use.

4. Select Properties.

5. Click on the Server Types button.

6. Check "Log onto Network" (so this should have a check-mark)

7. Click to clear the Require Encrypted Password check box. (this should NOT have a check-mark)

Then click OK to get all of the way out of the configuration screens and Reboot your computer